Aquinas membaca Agustinus dengan Aristoteles


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kata (verbum) , pribadi , epistemologi , sintesis , tanda


Thomas Aquinas, in one or another way, inherits from Augustine of Hippo a philosophical and theological patrimony that has a great impact on the doctrine of the church. The influence of Augustine on Aquinas which is in turn called Aquinas’s Augustinianism is informed by Aristotle’s thought. One of the Augustinian theological heritage that developed by Aquinas is the teaching of the Word that is the second person in the Trinity. Althought full of controversy, Aquinas stands confirmed in using Aristotle’s epistemology as lens for reading Augustine’s teaching; and, in turn, he sets up an insightful theological synthesis. This article is traying to show how far even how good Aquinas works on the concept of word both in theological and philosophical sense.


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