Pelintas Batas Yang Dialogis

Satu Tinjauan Misioner Gereja dalam Terang Dialog


  • Philip Ola Daen



pelintas batas, dialogis, panggilan warga Gereja, keharmonisan, tipe-tipe dialog


Indonesia as a country is devided into some provinces, regencies and municipalities. It consists of islands with a pluralistic society due to ethnic groups, religions and races living together in it. In such a pluralistic society, if it is well managed then it will give positive impact for a change toward a more prosperous, peaceful and safer Indonesia. But if it is not well managed then it will cause a lot of problems that give negative impact for Indonesia, such as a very susceptible relation of inter-religions with conflict. In this sort of society we must build up a bridge for dialogue. The church, therefore, invites all her members to involve in dialogue and cooperation with the member of other religions. For this purpose, we are expected to be figures of dialogic borderer crossing for better future of Indonesia. For the church, dialogue is promoted because it is a new way of missionizing the border crossing in the pluralistic society for creating a harmonious, tolerant and peaceful situation in which all people, especially people of Indonesia will live together as brothers and sisters. That is why, all members of the church are invited to partake in any type of dialogue in accordance with roles and jobs played by people while they are trying their best to anticipate and prevent every potential problem so every problem we have and every difficulty we face we can solve it easily-peacefully without any violence


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