Kebenaran dan Toleransi

Tantangan bagi Hubungan anntara Islam dan Kekristenan di Indonesia


  • Mathias Daven


klaim kebenaran , toleransi , islam , kekristenan , etika derita


This paper aims to critically scrutinize how Muslims and Christians in Indonesia conquer the dilemmatic tension between their truth claims and tolerance for the peace and justice in their living together. The harmonious relationship between these two religious groups is barely dependent on the efforts of both parties to overcome the strain between truth claims in their respective religions and tolerance based on the idea of justice. Yet, the relationship between the two religious groups has often been mangled by acts of intolerance, violence and acts of vandalism in each others„ house of worship. The notion that burdens inter-religious relations is the stance that claims its own religion as the only true religion and on the basis of that claim affirms the right to dectate the law that must be obeyed by the community. This establishment is part of the history of Islam and Christianity. The challenge is, can Muslims and Christians contend to the absolute tenet of their respective religions while complying to the secret of divine providence that requires religious plurality?


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