Formasi Calon Imam bagi Gereja Sinodal di Rumah Formasi


  • Wilhelmus Gonsa Saur



formasi , formator , sinodalita, calon imam , seminaris


The focus of this article is how to form the seminarians in a synodal way. The synodal Church is “the specific modus vivendi et operandi of the Church, the People of God.” Working on this theme, the author analyses related theological literature equipped with living experience as formator. The result is as follows the spirit of the journey together has been a problem in the Church. Clericalism is the real challenge for the Church to journey together. “The whole Church is called to deal with the weight of a culture imbued with clericalism that she inherits from her history, and with those forms of exercising authority on which the different types of abuse (power, economic, conscience, sexual) are grafted” (The Preparatory Documents: No. 6). With this reality, all the People of God need to form ourselves in synodality. “Synodality entails receptivity to change, formation, and on-going learning” (Vademecum: 42). A formation house is a good place for learning and practicing communion, participation and mission. The seminarians learn how to listen, discern, and participate. To sum up, to carry out this special ministry we need a good formator who has been trained properly as a formator. This kind of formator can integrate 4 dimensions of formation for the priesthood. This process will help seminarians to be good pastors in their journey together with the People of GodKeywords:


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