Metafisika Partisipasi

Pengaruh Platonisme pada Teologi Aquinas


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metafisika, being, partisipasi, esesi, platonisme Aquina


Aquinas’s thought, in particular his philosophy, has traditionally been closely related to Aristotle and many scholarly books and articles appeared to stand behind such a relationship. Due to the topic that I’m working on, it seems that  the relasionship is much more clear in Aristotle’s Metaphysics or in his doctrine of being as divided by the categories and being as divided by act and potency. On the other hand, another side of Aquinas’s thought also came to be exemined by various scholars what might be called Aquinas’s Platonism. The doctrine of participation is one of the Platonic elements in his thought. However, one significant point need to be stressed  is that Aquinas in his Commentary on the Metaphysics did not attribute to Aristotle his own view of the relationship between  essence and esse. Furthermore, Aquinas’s distiction of  essence and esse is not Platonic in the sense that it is found in Plato himself or even in the writings of the Neoplatonists in the precise way. So we can say in one or another way that Aquinas runs his own way but Platonic inspiration stands behind the development of his own position.


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