BABI: Antara Sosialitas, Sakralitas, Dan Komoditas


  • Albertus Heriyanto



babi, relasi, ritual adat, tradisi, komoditas


Pig has some important and pivotal roles in Balim society that could be found out in every single aspect of their lives. Economically, pig is a symbol of wealth; and having a large amount of it means proving oneself as a man that has ability of managing his own personal properties. From social perspective, pig plays role as a dowry in marriage affair or as an exchanged gift in a certain cultural ceremony in order to fasten up their relationship. Politically, pig plays role as an important medium of maintaining their relationship either between clans, confederations or alliances. Having a large amount of pigs is something prestigious as well for a man to reach up a certain social standing in society. More over, pig is an unchangeable offering in their religious lives. In order to get all aspects of life being interwoven, pig culturally is not merely considered an an ordinary animal but also a sacred one.

Until now, above-mentioned roles of pig still exsist; however, as the result of modernism, particularly in terms of mondial economic order that being determined by monetary system, pig is not only something that culturally a sacred animal, but also as an economic capital. The value of pig has been extended: it is not only in the sphere of sociality and sacrality but also in that of modern economic order as a commodity


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