Nouvelle Théologie

Sengketa Teologis Menuju Konsili Vatikan II


  • Fransiskus Guna



Konsili Vatikan II, magisterium, modernisme, neo-Thomisme


Nouvelle théologie has been considering as a movement to reform Catholic theology. The consideration, in one way or another, is still controversial as some of its theologians denied that there was anything “new” in their theology, even denied that they all shared the same ideas. However, as a “group” they were eager to present the richness of their faith to a secularized world in need of Christ in such a way that the legitimate exigencies of modern thought could be satisfied by it. They considered the Modernism that rocked the Church at the beginning of the century had failed to give exigencies of modern thought their proper and balanced expression. Nontheless, the exigencies themselves were legitimate and the neo-Thomism that the Church had promoted against the Modernism fails to meet them. Nouvelle théologie as a progressive theological movement finally have managed to secure its legacy by means of Vatican II (1962-1965).



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