Pertarungan Kepentingan di Ruang Publik


  • Albertus Heriyanto



pasar, ruang publik, kota, mama-mama Papua, pedagang kaki lima 


Since 2004 the female native merchants of Papua have striven to gain a place for marketing in the center of Jayapura city. These women try to prove that they have abilities to contribute to their household income; but they realize the complexity of free market competition. Therefore, they need local government’s protection. Moreover, these female native merchants need support and empowerment in order to get involved into the competition of modern marketing system. On the other hand, the city people need a traditional market within their daily activities. The problem of native female merchants in Jayapura city drives us to the understanding that as citizens they need our concern. Their existence has to be estimated by the city planning department.

Besides that, the citizens need the representative public space where they can express their creativity and acutualize themselves in a close social relationship with friends and relatives. The dynamics of urban life require a good planning system in which all urban needs could be managed: the needs of economic transaction, social interaction, transportation, and recreation. Without a long-term planning in structuring the city and consideration to the real today's situation, what would be happened is the inter-society conflict in grabbing space that brings about the degradation of environmental quality which means the degradation of well-being of life, as well. Therefore, urban planning for space has to be constructed for the sake of multiple interests, both in social economic and cultural development.


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